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We’re dedicated to partnering with you to elevate your innovative ideas. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we’ll refine your concept, conduct market research, and identify funding opportunities. Together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality

Support for start up programs

Do You Have a Proven Idea or an MVP Ready?

At our firm, we specialize in empowering startups that have already validated their product with a proven stage or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our expertise lies in accelerating their growth trajectory by providing tailored support and resources. From fine-tuning their business models to executing strategic expansion plans, we are committed to propelling these startups towards successful global expansion endeavours.

Global Expansion Support

Cultivating Growth: Expanding Agricultural Markets with Agri-Tech Focus

Ideation And MVP Scaling Assessment

We assess startup ideas and MVPs through our expert panel, providing valuable feedback and determining our potential collaboration on your projects.


At Green Idea, we offer a range of partnership models designed to suit your specific requirements. This includes not only equity investment partnerships where we invest in your company in exchange for equity, but also direct engagement partnerships where we provide support across various functions of your business. Our goal is to work closely with you to identify the most effective partnership structure that aligns with your goals and maximizes the potential for success.

Intellectual Property And Patent Registration Support

We offer support for Intellectual Property (IP) and patent registration. If we find potential in your idea and you prefer to pursue it independently without collaboration, we assist in registering your IP for individual ownership.

Investor Identification And Funding Facilitation

As part of our commitment to partnership, Green Idea provides investor identification and funding facilitation services. This entails both direct and indirect investment in your business, leveraging our extensive network to attract interested investors. Our aim is to bolster your growth trajectory by securing the necessary funding and resources to realize your business objectives

Ready to launch your startup to success?

Connect with us to explore how our extensive network of investors, governments, researchers, and industry experts can propel your startup onto the global stage.


Once you’ve provided all necessary information, including details about your innovation or startup, our expert team will thoroughly review it. We’ll then inform you if we’re interested in proceeding further

We only focus on noble ideas that can have a ground to grow and mainly in agri-tech space and sustainability areas. It is important that you have your MVP in hand and provide us with all required info so we can do our investigation on suitability of your idea. 

We do not see any limitation in working with founders. We basically aim to help those who have limitation in globalisation. 

We will charge you for any services you may require. We are interested to grow together and hence we prefer to avoid becoming a service provider only. In cases like this please send your inquiry to info@greenidea.com.au and we will seek possibility of supporting you.

We basically need proof of concept which is under your own name or registered business. If you have an IP you can share it and we will work on the next steps on scaling up together. Sometimes these documents needs to be translated. Any movies, photos, technical information can also help.

We offer different types of Partnership with you. It all depends on the stage of your start-up and your idea itself. Sometimes it could be equity partnership, sometimes it could be only equity owner ship. If you have reached revenue the story might be different again depends on the stage. 

While we are not a pre-accelerator in the traditional sense, we provide valuable resources and support for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses through its established network.

After we asses your idea we basically build the business together. We have experts in many area, from market research and customer development to branding and IP and legal to fund raising. 

At Green Idea, we specialise in cultivating global agri-tech solutions and facilitating agribusinesses to thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape

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