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For over 25 years, we’ve excelled in marketing and selling services, technologies, know-how, and products globally. Our successful international business ventures have spanned various countries, with a focus on the Middle East. In response to Australia’s unique business landscape, we leverage our expertise to introduce innovative business concepts, fostering opportunities between Australia and the Middle East

Unlock Global Markets with Green Idea, Your Exporting Partner

Open the door to new markets and expand your reach with an export partner. Our expert team paves the way from beginning to end, facilitating seamless market entry and enhanced market presence for Australian businesses seeking growth opportunities

Agricultural solution

Cultivating Growth: Expanding Agricultural Markets with Agri-Tech Focus

Precision Farming Solutions

We provide comprehensive support for Precision Farming Solutions, facilitating their export and globalisation efforts with tailored strategies and expert guidance.

Sustainable Agriculture Technologies

We provide comprehensive support for Sustainable Agriculture Technologies exporters, facilitating market entry and growth with our expertise in sustainable practices and global market trends.

AgriTech Innovation Hub

For companies looking to export their agricultural technology innovations, our AgriTech Innovation Hub offers tailored support, market insights, and strategic guidance to expand their market reach and capitalise on global opportunities.

International Market Expansion

Unlock global opportunities with our International Market Expansion services, tailored to help businesses thrive in new markets

Why Choose Us


Importing and distributing your products to each market through our professional distribution network


Acting directly as an Australian representative


Consultation and regulation advisory


Making the right decision in market entrance strategy

Current Opportunities

Lamb Export to Middle East

Opportunity: Export of 20-200 Tons of Halal lamb meat per day 

Essential oil Pesticides

Investing in the manufacturing of essential oils for pesticide purposes

Food Waste Management Solution

A large-scale waste management solution with the capacity to handle 100,000 tons of waste is needed for the Middle East.

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At Green Idea, we specialise in cultivating global agri-tech solutions and facilitating agribusinesses to thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape

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